Meaning of life, as I put it.

Holding the sun shine

Yesterday I was watching Gravity (2013). Movie has painted a beautiful and at the same time perilous picture of colossal universe on nano screens of theaters. I have always been keen about universe, space, ET things like aliens, comets, meteors etc. Actually when I was a child I had a dream to be an astronomer, the dream isn’t dead yet though ;).

We are too focused on our daily chores and issues related to them that we lack time to explore the real beauty nature preserves. Life, is just like a spark compare to tremendously huge stars’ lives. And even if we think we don’t exist it won’t be an overstatement. When you have billions, cents just don’t count exactly the same way when you focus on big problems small ones just don’t come into your mind.

Awesome time ‘invested’ at Wordcamp Baroda 2014

What is Wordcamp?

For people who don’t know what Wordcamp is – ‘Wordcamp is a casual event which is organized locally and covers everything related to WordPress, an open source personal publishing software’.

Fact note : 19% of the websites are powered by WordPress.

About my experience at Wordcamp Baroda 2014

Wordcamp Baroda 2014

It was my first visit to wordcamp and got to know many technical and non-technical things at #WCBaroda (WordCamp Baroda).

Talks on E-commerce, SEO, Typography, WordPress in Government, Open Source/Free Softwares, ‘How to contribute to WordPress’ and ‘Large scale web application using wordpress’ were awesome. Will add link to the video when they upload it to Youtube.

One of the most important (I personally think so) tip I got from this event and it is for those who want to build a team (as this is the top of many things I concern about), is putting your people forward doesn’t work all the time. What works ‘most’ of the time is to take responsibility and lead the process, everyone will fit in right position as time passes – just like pieces of puzzles.

Observed a lot of things, learnt many and noted few to look into.

I don’t know if all the people listed below are going to read this or not but being an optimistic, putting my views as first person.

A very inspiring reply to raging customer from company’s COO.

I was just about to hit the bed and this post on facebook caught my attention. I couldn’t help myself sleeping without writing about this amazing incident. Actually it applies to all types of people. To make the long story short, read following status which I have posted about a month ago.

End of The Golden Era.

4 years back, I wasn’t aware about the amazing moments I would be having, most beautiful memories I would be pocketing to live rest of my life with! This wasn’t literal engineering where people learn how to build structures, how to develop software and so on. It was engineering of life where I got to know many things to enhance my life, got to know my destiny ;). These four years taught me (excluding engineering subjects) so much that I can’t imagine of! How to keep up and nurture relations and when to stop if they don’t worth time spending on. How to read people’s actions & reactions in various kind of situations, some people had friendly sparkles in their eyes and deathly intentions in heart while few people didn’t  look so friendly but were most. I want to thank latter as well as former because of them I got to know few amazing lessons of my life. You helped me either way 😉 :P.

Turn sad and worried faces into happy ones – one of the aims of my life.


Why I am working so hard! Why there is always something going in my head! Why I spend my most of my time finding new things! Checking them, experimenting with them! It’s not like I don’t want to enjoy my leisure time (I do, a lot more than anyone else, in my own way), it’s not like I don’t want to do ‘stuffs’ other guys do, it’s not that I don’t want to have consistent connections via SMS and calls with lots of people (I have few, the best ones, who understand me); I want to do all these things but not right now. Because there are more important things I am working after.

Over-speeding technology and development is dangerous for society.

This speed of technology and development is in fact dangerous. We read news of expensive research and development which are not necessary at all, they might be but not as of now where there are large percentage of population is poor.

They don’t have even a piece of bread to eat & few drops of pure water to drink and we are playing with high-tech motion-controlled ultra-sensitive multi-gesture consoles. We are wasting our precious life-time on social medias and on matches instead of we can feed child, play with them or pass some time with them to express ‘yes, we care about you’ and to show that we are still human-beings.

Bad Websites, they make me cry!

Have checked lots of ‘powered by’ or ‘developed by’ websites lately (Websites of Web Development Companies), they make me to cry :'(.

Do they have any respect for WWW? If you can’t make it clean or beautiful please don’t spoil it this way just for money or to save some money. It can hurt your brand and reputation. And to reflect character/nature of your brand/business you must invest good amount where you will be making most in future. And internet is the future we all know.

Prefer Reputation to Money