Being grateful is one of the best practice to lose yourself and soak yourself into the positive world, heaven as we used to call it. The place (in fact, perception) where you don’t see any darkness.

Be grateful for your knowledge

The moment you start thinking you know more than the person in front of you, you start judging yourself too low. That doesn’t make you superior that makes you arrogant and ignorant. With every bit of knowledge from all over the world, with every fucking field of study you can’t get enough superiority. And why the hell do you want that superiority anyway? You know you are going to die with your so called superiority and smartness. How will that lead this world (or even a single life) to become better? Don’t put your knowledge and things you know as achievement or something to showcase, see it as weapon you can wield to fight against problems of people. They would respect you more this way.

Be grateful for things you have

The moment you start thinking you don’t have enough, you start losing what you already have. You’ll never be satisfied with all the money/gadgets/cars/houses in the world. In fact, there won’t be any more challenges to fight against and your life would become boring and b&w.

Millions of people are struggling

  • to get even a glass of clean drinking water
  • to get even one time meal (they don’t worry about how hygienic or nutritious their meal would be, they just want to fill their belly with something)
  • to get adequate sleep comfortably (don’t even think of a sofa or a blanket, these things are luxury for these millions of people)
  • to get admission of their child in local school with least infrastructure where students don’t have chairs and desks (heh, and some parents are worried about if school of their child is using smartboard and internet and other such facilities or not!)

Don’t forget, you are living luxury someone else is just dreaming about.

Be grateful to people you have in your life

You might not have thought of it this way but the people who come into your life, are the forces which mold your life to whatever/whoever you are today. So be grateful for people for sharing their experiences, life lessons and tips with you.

Each person you meet knows something you don’t know. Don’t impose what you already know onto them and don’t forget to give them a chance to share their life with you. If they don’t that’s their choice but you and your knowledge should not get in way of the interaction between souls.

Be grateful to problems you have faced

In order, when you have people in your life (and that is inevitable :D) you will come in contact with problems. Some will cause them, and some will help you to fight them. But the second most important thing that plays role to make you whatever/whoever you are today, are the problems you face. Problems give you chance to find solution and meanwhile you can see support from the people ;). Actually problems help you to be better at something and make you feel that how it feels when people would face the similar problem thus it makes you gentle and humble.

Be grateful to knowledge you posses, to people that helped you achieve it, to experiences that taught you those lessons, to circumstances that made you test your true potential.

Keep chanting ‘I am nothing‘. Keep losing yourself and transcend the known limit of satisfaction and happiness.