4 things I learnt by failing to get my startup running effectively

I wanted to share these ” how-not-to tips ” for startups since long. Because I feel there are enormous amount of advises to make your startup ideal like Apple or Google or any other already successful giant company. But that’s not going to help at this level at all.

Startup Difficulties

As physics for nano sized particles and physics for giga scaled stars are different, ways of operation at light-weight startups and already established heavy-weight corporate players differ a lot. You cannot apply everything (or most of the things) that facebook (or any other ‘big guy’) does to their business. You simply cannot be like the thing people are crazy about by doing what the thing is doing right now. Because you are focusing on later stages at where that company is mature while you being in womb. There were many events that helped me understand what and why the things went wrong.

A very inspiring reply to raging customer from company’s COO.

I was just about to hit the bed and this post on facebook caught my attention. I couldn’t help myself sleeping without writing about this amazing incident. Actually it applies to all types of people. To make the long story short, read following status which I have posted about a month ago.

Bad Websites, they make me cry!

Have checked lots of ‘powered by’ or ‘developed by’ websites lately (Websites of Web Development Companies), they make me to cry :'(.

Do they have any respect for WWW? If you can’t make it clean or beautiful please don’t spoil it this way just for money or to save some money. It can hurt your brand and reputation. And to reflect character/nature of your brand/business you must invest good amount where you will be making most in future. And internet is the future we all know.

Prefer Reputation to Money

Things You MUST avoid while communicating to Client.

In Business, your way of communication is one of the measurement factor of your professionalism. If your communication skills are weak, consider it as a first of all the prioritise. Improve it soon or regret later on.

[Updated 11 June 2013]
Here is my another and recent  article in business category Yes, You need to learn How to say No!

You should avoid discussing or saying following things while communicating with your clients:

  • Don’t quote a price ‘Range’.
  • Don’t make fun or say funny thing about client’s business or business name.
  • Try to keep your emotions out of your soul while doing business.
  • Don’t let down your charges than specific threshold, even if you have free time then.
  • Don’t give any chance to client, to misunderstand your business/services.
  • Never compromise over quality of your work. (Even if you are getting little less out of it)
  • Don’t be aggressive, refuse politely if you don’t agree.