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2016 of Prerak Trivedi

Thank you 2016

This will be a quick post to start a new routine I want to set for 2017, writing at least one article a week.

2016 was a great year for me. Highlights of the year.

  • Gained a lot of experience in the field of entrepreneurship (kind of getting hang of it now)💼
  • Learned a bit about how to manage life (especially time and money) ⏳💸
  • Got slightly stable but you know I hate to get stable. Aiming towards new heights in 2017. 😎
  • Met a person who owns parts of me now. 💕
  • Concentrated my focus on just few people and priorities. 🎯
  • Built few strong professional relationships 👔
  • Built a concrete base to carve the empire in upcoming years. 💯

Plans for 2017

  • Launch design agency
  • Help people
  • Love family & friends
  • Set healthy diet & routine
  • Enjoy the life and challenges that come along the way.

Will be returning to blogging personally as well as professionally in this year.


For her

Honestly speaking I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go this way but wasn’t sure to go opposite way either. We get overwhelmed at every change in our lives, though at different level. This was too a dramatic twist in my life, and I believe that it’d be the same for her. ☺

Transitions in life are always hard. We are afraid to jump from one cliff to another even though we know that there are no gaps in between. This was huge for me, but I am getting back to my senses slowly. And I feel more of life now than used to feel earlier, thanks to her. Actually female energies are there for the same purpose, to make the world more lively. Males energies are there to protect this liveliness. Just like a coconut, pulp being female energy while outer shell being male energy.

Couple at sunset

I knew what kind of person I wanted to live my life with, to share my goals with, to share my excitement with and to express my life to. I wasn’t looking for a person, I was looking for embodiment of several feelings. And I didn’t want to put efforts into searching that person when I should put all of my strength into building myself better and worthy that if the person I wanted come across (or if I approach someone), she would find hard time searching for my alternative. I wanted to give her the best she deserves.

And finally, I got her nearly a month ago. After knowing herself for a few weeks I can surely say that she is a lot better than the person I was imagining to partner up my life with. She could still get in if I have had set the bars even higher. This article is for her, my other half, Kajal. Btw she really should take interest in reading stuffs as the best way for an introvert to express his feelings is, writing. 

I want to tell her that,

“You being an extrovert and I being an introvert will be a sweet & spicy pair . I know you find me sane and I sometime find you insane but don’t worry the sum is always going to be neutral and balanced. I’ll always try to catch up with you  and I know you won’t outrun me. 

I being spiritual person  and you being social one, we have best of both worlds. I will get you calm  when people hurt your feelings and I know you’ll help me express my feelings to the world around.

You are mature at heart & charming at mind. While I am mature at mind and charming at heart. That equals out our weaknesses and will make us stronger  together. I’ll take care of your inner-child and I know you’ll be taking care of my outer one.

Despite having so many differences between us we have at least one thing in common, the feeling which we have for one another ☺. Let’s make that thread stronger each day to keep us bonded in every situation.

And being realistic, there will be ups and downs but don’t worry as we are going to ride on that together. I’ll always be there beside you, holding you. You told me that you like adventurous activities, right? Well, what ride can be more adventurous than life! Let’s buckle up for feelings of thrill and butterflies that lie ahead. And we’ll enjoy literal rides too, actually I got my to-do list to share with you now.

And one big thank you for the following

By doing spiritual practices I turned myself into love absorbing and love spreading self. Only love, nothing else. We all know that love isn’t just one simple feeling but an infinite canvas woven by feelings like empathy, compassion, innocence, excitement, courage, trust and truthfulness. By being with you I found one more way to feel the love. My inner self is getting stronger now. And it started helping me see the world from one more perspective of love, which is btw indescribable; and that all because of you.

Thank you so much for making me whole, Kajal ☺

Happy to have a companion like you 

Lots of love “

The beginning…

Be grateful

Being grateful is one of the best practice to lose yourself and soak yourself into the positive world, heaven as we used to call it. The place (in fact, perception) where you don’t see any darkness.

Be grateful for your knowledge

The moment you start thinking you know more than the person in front of you, you start judging yourself too low. That doesn’t make you superior that makes you arrogant and ignorant. With every bit of knowledge from all over the world, with every fucking field of study you can’t get enough superiority. And why the hell do you want that superiority anyway? You know you are going to die with your so called superiority and smartness. How will that lead this world (or even a single life) to become better? Don’t put your knowledge and things you know as achievement or something to showcase, see it as weapon you can wield to fight against problems of people. They would respect you more this way.

Be grateful for things you have

The moment you start thinking you don’t have enough, you start losing what you already have. You’ll never be satisfied with all the money/gadgets/cars/houses in the world. In fact, there won’t be any more challenges to fight against and your life would become boring and b&w.

Millions of people are struggling

  • to get even a glass of clean drinking water
  • to get even one time meal (they don’t worry about how hygienic or nutritious their meal would be, they just want to fill their belly with something)
  • to get adequate sleep comfortably (don’t even think of a sofa or a blanket, these things are luxury for these millions of people)
  • to get admission of their child in local school with least infrastructure where students don’t have chairs and desks (heh, and some parents are worried about if school of their child is using smartboard and internet and other such facilities or not!)

Don’t forget, you are living luxury someone else is just dreaming about.

Be grateful to people you have in your life

You might not have thought of it this way but the people who come into your life, are the forces which mold your life to whatever/whoever you are today. So be grateful for people for sharing their experiences, life lessons and tips with you.

Each person you meet knows something you don’t know. Don’t impose what you already know onto them and don’t forget to give them a chance to share their life with you. If they don’t that’s their choice but you and your knowledge should not get in way of the interaction between souls.

Be grateful to problems you have faced

In order, when you have people in your life (and that is inevitable :D) you will come in contact with problems. Some will cause them, and some will help you to fight them. But the second most important thing that plays role to make you whatever/whoever you are today, are the problems you face. Problems give you chance to find solution and meanwhile you can see support from the people ;). Actually problems help you to be better at something and make you feel that how it feels when people would face the similar problem thus it makes you gentle and humble.

Be grateful to knowledge you posses, to people that helped you achieve it, to experiences that taught you those lessons, to circumstances that made you test your true potential.

Keep chanting ‘I am nothing‘. Keep losing yourself and transcend the known limit of satisfaction and happiness.

4 things I learnt by failing to get my startup running effectively

I wanted to share these ” how-not-to tips ” for startups since long. Because I feel there are enormous amount of advises to make your startup ideal like Apple or Google or any other already successful giant company. But that’s not going to help at this level at all.

Startup Difficulties

As physics for nano sized particles and physics for giga scaled stars are different, ways of operation at light-weight startups and already established heavy-weight corporate players differ a lot. You cannot apply everything (or most of the things) that facebook (or any other ‘big guy’) does to their business. You simply cannot be like the thing people are crazy about by doing what the thing is doing right now. Because you are focusing on later stages at where that company is mature while you being in womb. There were many events that helped me understand what and why the things went wrong.

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Why do we fail?

This is my answer to this question on Quora : ‘Why do we fail?

Michael Jordan On Failure

To me what matters is the answer to ‘Have I improved myself?’ (Don’t look up quora, I am talking about asking yourself 😛 :D, you quoraddicted ). I don’t care if it is success or failure. If one thing adds up something to my life which could be helpful to me or someone else then that one thing is a success for me and in this particular case I find success in the failures most of the time. Because every failure (small or big) taught me something (sometimes a lot) that no success could do in a shot. Continue reading

Few ugly things about life

These are the things which I’ve been observing and I have adapted myself accordingly (well, still trying but yes I am quite successful in it). Don’t interpret anything as ‘negative’ as I want you to go through from my perspective just for a moment. Everything is how it is supposed to be.

No one fucking care about anyone, including you

People cross a street in Mong Kok district in Hong Kong Continue reading

Can’t we work as a team?

I’ve been asking this question to myself lately. Why we act like individuals and think of our own benefits all the time? Everything you see is well (or may be not so well) structured organization. The universe itself is one. Life would be totally different if radius of earth’s orbit around the Sun differ by few inches, that’s ‘how well’ it is structured and your life depends on it.

Mother Teresa Quote on Togetherness

This article is somewhat related to a post of friend of mine.

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You are not what you think you are!

You are the universe - Spirituality

Let me clear at the beginning that I believe in spiritual energy not God. God is just a name we used to refer to this energy.

I would like to start (as always) by the fact that there are lots of things beyond the reach of science. So to interpret every other thing scientifically won’t be suitable to understand things if not perfectly then better.

You have to think out of many boxes to see the actual world.

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What a heart melting scene I saw yesterday!

I saw something yesterday and what a heart melting scene it was!

He was, maybe 65-70 year old, beggar eating something in front of a closed shop. He was having single pair of white cotton clothes and was barefoot during the hottest time of day, afternoon with ~40 C. He has just few bites of food wrapped in a newspaper.

Near that closed shop there was a sweets’ shop. Bunch of people entering and leaving every few minutes with bags full of sweets. They surely have paid a few bucks to comfort their taste buds. Continue reading