Relationship from my perspective.

February already started and so blooming of feelings. I was about to write on productivity but this topic seems to be more sensitive during this season of love. Therefore, I decided to share my thoughts on the same. As usual, you might oppose my words and I am fine with it, I respect everyone’s perspective and hope you will do the same.

I have written few lines on the same subject in my very first article on this blog. You can read it on following link

“‘This is my spot’, just like Sheldon says. The place where I can be ‘Me’!

This time I am going to write briefly on ‘my feelings about feelings’. I highly appreciate if you leave your presence (by commenting your views) so that I can know, you were here to read this article. And That makes me feel good about you!

A Message to All My Friends!

Hi to all! I hope you all are doing well with your lives. This article is just like few suggestions I used to give to my friends in personal, but I think telling same thing repeatedly to individuals is somewhat exhausting. Therefore, I have decided to write an article that contains most FAQ that have been asked!

One of the most common thing, you were feeling is to earn. Right? Now from the very beginning this post is being interesting, isn’t it? 😀 😀 I admit that everyone will give attention when the terms, ‘money’ or ‘earn’ come into the light, but that is not you are supposed to do right now. You will be earning a hell lot for sure if you start sharpening your skills this very moment. Do not waffle to take risks and to do hard work. You may also oppose, you would say ‘We are supposed to do smart work not hard work!’ However, what I experienced is ‘only after you work hard to do simple things, you will come to know (or you will try to find) the smart ways to do the same’. However, this could be possible only after you know that wasting this amount of time behind this silly thing is not worth spending, you will then try to figure out what are the easier ways than this one. One hard worker becomes smart in that way!

New Year Resolution of 2013, Aim High!

Resolution of 2012 has been completed successfully! Aiming to 2013. I hope it would be good for you all. Wishing you all guys Very Happy New Year! So here is my new year resolution. By the way its not 1024 x 768 :P.

As I have achieved to execute the previous year resolution (Reminding you because, people can’t even remember their resolutions, I can’t see any scope to recall others’ resolutions. 😀 ) (My previous year resolution was ‘to stand’ on my own feet, I have done things that helped to earn enough so that I could control over my own flow of expenditures without disturbing parent’s financial planning) Now next year resolution is to return (more) love to the parents by taking few responsibilities from them and by being capable enough to surprise them by buying things they have dreamed of!

Hey, this is my spot! Just like ‘Sheldon’ says. Welcome Post

Hi this is Prerak Trivedi, a *simple guy who love to be himself only! (*simple : if you think that I am a shy and a simple person then you are just 0.1% familiar with me, FYI(Used: thanks to Alay Vora!) Simplicity is just a mask to wear at the proper time.) Okay let me ‘Open’ 😀 myself. I am 20, today itself and my personal blog started blooming. Hope I can spend sometime watering it, everyday! About my interests and hobbies? I like to have information regarding any field or any subject. So usually I gathered and save details on interesting subject on my evernote account.