In Business, your way of communication is one of the measurement factor of your professionalism. If your communication skills are weak, consider it as a first of all the prioritise. Improve it soon or regret later on.

[Updated 11 June 2013]
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You should avoid discussing or saying following things while communicating with your clients:

  • Don’t quote a price ‘Range’.
  • Don’t make fun or say funny thing about client’s business or business name.
  • Try to keep your emotions out of your soul while doing business.
  • Don’t let down your charges than specific threshold, even if you have free time then.
  • Don’t give any chance to client, to misunderstand your business/services.
  • Never compromise over quality of your work. (Even if you are getting little less out of it)
  • Don’t be aggressive, refuse politely if you don’t agree.

And here is one Infographic from Open Forum

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5 Things To Avoid while Communicating With Your Client

Don’t Do These!