This is my answer to this question on Quora : ‘Why do we fail?

Michael Jordan On Failure

To me what matters is the answer to ‘Have I improved myself?’ (Don’t look up quora, I am talking about asking yourself ūüėõ :D, you quoraddicted ). I don’t care if it is success or failure. If one thing adds up something to my life which¬†could be helpful to me or someone else then that one thing is a success for me and in this particular case I find success in the failures most of the time. Because every¬†failure (small or big) taught me something (sometimes a lot) that no success could do in a¬†shot.

It’s never¬†about succeeding or failing

Success is like a perfume. And it has an expiry date.

Success and failure is a cycle just like day and night. They come and go but you don’t stop doing what you do. Do you stop taking showers even if you know you are going to get stinky everyday after (hard) work? It’s just like that, you don’t stop doing what you love just because an assumption that¬†you are going to fail. And even if you get success ( put on perfume ūüėČ ) it’ll wear out eventually in few days and you’ll again have to start taking showers ( self-evaluation¬†that clean up your ego and restore your mindfulness).

Ego, arrogance, self-appraising attitude are a few forms of various types of stale¬†odours¬†you get if you don’t take showers regularly.

Make purpose of your every action to learn something new

You will never be tired of doing things if your aim is to learn new things. Because you get to learn something from whatever you do (in different ways). And if your goal is to learn things it’ll be fulfilled most of the time even when you fail. While people¬†who keep their eyes¬†on the results (success/failure) will exhaust and will¬†miss¬†the little moments by which life is made up of.

The awakened sages call a person wise when all his undertakings are free from anxiety about results. – Krishna (The Bhagavad Gita)

Abandon all attachment to the results of action and attain supreme peace. – Krishna (The Bhagavad Gita)

So we don’t fail to meet just the results but¬†to enjoy the journey also. And that’s why they say you should¬†live and enjoy the current moment because you don’t have the future in your hand & past has already been slipped through and if you still worrying about it you are missing the last thing you already have,¬†the current moment. ūüėČ

Live in the moment and they¬†will be¬†the moments of your ‘life’

Feel the breath you are taking in and out. Feel the walk you take. Feel the text you write. Feel the speech you give. Feel the taste of a meal you eat. Feel the chillness of water you sip. Feel the comfort of cloths you have put on. Feel the music on your eardrums. Feel the breeze that pass by. Feel the colors you see on canvas of reality.

Life is all about feeling every interactions with itself by being in the moment. There are no room for any other discussion. Just live it. You are missing it out.

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