Honestly speaking I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go this way but wasn’t sure to go opposite way either. We get overwhelmed at every change in our lives, though at different level. This was too a dramatic twist in my life, and I believe that it’d be the same for her. ☺

Transitions in life are always hard. We are afraid to jump from one cliff to another even though we know that there are no gaps in between. This was huge for me, but I am getting back to my senses slowly. And I feel more of life now than used to feel earlier, thanks to her. Actually female energies are there for the same purpose, to make the world more lively. Males energies are there to protect this liveliness. Just like a coconut, pulp being female energy while outer shell being male energy.

Couple at sunset

I knew what kind of person I wanted to live my life with, to share my goals with, to share my excitement with and to express my life to. I wasn’t looking for a person, I was looking for embodiment of several feelings. And I didn’t want to put efforts into searching that person when I should put all of my strength into building myself better and worthy that if the person I wanted come across (or if I approach someone), she would find hard time searching for my alternative. I wanted to give her the best she deserves.

And finally, I got her nearly a month ago. After knowing herself for a few weeks I can surely say that she is a lot better than the person I was imagining to partner up my life with. She could still get in if I have had set the bars even higher. This article is for her, my other half, Kajal. Btw she really should take interest in reading stuffs as the best way for an introvert to express his feelings is, writing. 

I want to tell her that,

“You being an extrovert and I being an introvert will be a sweet & spicy pair . I know you find me sane and I sometime find you insane but don’t worry the sum is always going to be neutral and balanced. I’ll always try to catch up with you  and I know you won’t outrun me. 

I being spiritual person  and you being social one, we have best of both worlds. I will get you calm  when people hurt your feelings and I know you’ll help me express my feelings to the world around.

You are mature at heart & charming at mind. While I am mature at mind and charming at heart. That equals out our weaknesses and will make us stronger  together. I’ll take care of your inner-child and I know you’ll be taking care of my outer one.

Despite having so many differences between us we have at least one thing in common, the feeling which we have for one another ☺. Let’s make that thread stronger each day to keep us bonded in every situation.

And being realistic, there will be ups and downs but don’t worry as we are going to ride on that together. I’ll always be there beside you, holding you. You told me that you like adventurous activities, right? Well, what ride can be more adventurous than life! Let’s buckle up for feelings of thrill and butterflies that lie ahead. And we’ll enjoy literal rides too, actually I got my to-do list to share with you now.

And one big thank you for the following

By doing spiritual practices I turned myself into love absorbing and love spreading self. Only love, nothing else. We all know that love isn’t just one simple feeling but an infinite canvas woven by feelings like empathy, compassion, innocence, excitement, courage, trust and truthfulness. By being with you I found one more way to feel the love. My inner self is getting stronger now. And it started helping me see the world from one more perspective of love, which is btw indescribable; and that all because of you.

Thank you so much for making me whole, Kajal ☺

Happy to have a companion like you 

Lots of love “

The beginning…

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  1. Best of luck to both of you for the new journey of life and wish you both get along with each other in any situation.

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