I saw something yesterday and what a heart melting scene it was!

He was, maybe 65-70 year old, beggar eating something in front of a closed shop. He was having single pair of white cotton clothes and was barefoot during the hottest time of day, afternoon with ~40 C. He has just few bites of food wrapped in a newspaper.

Near that closed shop there was a sweets’ shop. Bunch of people entering and leaving every few minutes with bags full of sweets. They surely have paid a few bucks to comfort their taste buds.

After a few minutes, a woman (30-40 year old, maybe) with her two children, a girl (10-13 year old) and a boy (~15 year old), came and wait in front of that sweets’ shop. It was a little beggar family without a father. She was waiting (expecting) that someone would buy her family few sweets. They all waited for around 20 minutes, nobody was paying attention to any of them. But that old man was observing the need of the family. He also got tired of waiting that someone will help that family. He then got up and start walking in staggered manner towards the family.

What he did after that was really touching!

Even though he has not enough for himself, he offered his meal to the woman. I was there few feet away. I saw her eyes, glittering with emotions and she refused to take it though she and her children was hungry. The children also refused politely and said ‘Uncle, we’ll find something. You keep it for yourself’. After insisting few times that old man started walking on his way somewhere. After a while, that family also went on their way. That woman was looking back at the old man again and again with emotional eyes.

She might be thinking that they both know each other’s pain but could do nothing while people around could make their day were incapable of understanding their pain.

For me that old man, in his dirty cotton clothes, was divine personality than perfectly dressed and mannerful people coming out of the sweets’ shop.


At the end I have only one request. Will you give me a favor? Will you please take a notice of these people around you and help them when they need you the most?

Thank you,