Hey, this is my spot! Just like ‘Sheldon’ says. Welcome Post

Hi this is Prerak Trivedi, a *simple guy who love to be himself only! (*simple : if you think that I am a shy and a simple person then you are just 0.1% familiar with me, FYI(Used: thanks to Alay Vora!) Simplicity is just a mask to wear at the proper time.) Okay let me ‘Open’ 😀 myself. I am 20, today itself and my personal blog started blooming. Hope I can spend sometime watering it, everyday! About my interests and hobbies? I like to have information regarding any field or any subject. So usually I gathered and save details on interesting subject on my evernote account.

Web is my another world where I can be found most of the time but I have recently stopped being active on facebook (You may ask the reason; in a sentence, it is a productivity killer.) And as most of us I really found myself wasting lot time on facebook, what is the outcome of using facebook? Although answer is nearly Nothing, there are few smart things you can do with facebook (I’ll cover’em up later). But it is negligible compare to what you we can do in that time we spend updating status, uploading photos, wishing happy birthday,shooting comments, trapping into sterile debates and (one of the best) checking out bunch of facebook profiles just because of their profile pictures 😉 on facebook! The fools may even fall into love with a pretty ‘face’ being handled by ‘ugly beard’! I have seen a shine of joy(with weird change in behavior all of a sudden; braying like hell!) when a guy get a request from a fake account. Oh God this was my addiction that I written almost a paragraph only on wasting-time-book. You can see its effect here too, I just wasted my 10 minutes writing about the ‘f’ thing.

A common question of many of my friends!

Anyway you can contact me directly via email [me (a) preraktrivedi.com] or mention @PNTrivedy on twitter. You may ask me (I knew it because this is common question of my most friends) that “What the hell you do with internet all the time?” Answer is already been revealed. I said ‘I like to gather knowledge and information about different fields and subjects’ because according to me Things you learnt never gonna be waste. It may be helpful to you Or others through you. So I fly over the web in search of something interesting. And actually I love to explore and to learn new thing on my own!

What I have experienced about learning by self!

I never been in any classes or tuitions to learn things uptil now; because they see only $$s and will complete their duty in time-duration they mentioned, without concerning about what students have learnt or not! I really feel that if you learn by yourself then you will have better understanding about the topic and it will never gonna vanish. That knowledge is like your earning, you can invest it somewhere else and get more benefits. Here is my list about my likes, about what I like to read and gather knowledge: In any field, but only interesting topics I like to read about | What is it? | What its usage? | How it works? | Who developed/invented/derived it? | What problems he/she/they had to get the final result/product? | How he/she/they solved the knots? | What impact that invention/discovery has on our routine life? | What will be its side-effects? | How its being used? | How its demand being vary? | and few more.

My view on life.

Life is neither a game nor a war, it is simply a journey from 0 to 0. During the journey from ‘Nothing’ to ‘Nothing’, you should do ‘things’ and offer ‘something’ to everyone who have ‘Nothing’! As I said Life is not a game that you can play it in anyway you want! You should be careful about what you are going to do! Think wise and twice before taking major decisions in your life. Its not a movie ticket that you can crush/tear and throw it in dustbin; Instead you can give it to someone rather than wasting. And don’t take it so seriously too. In every situation think that there would be someone who is passing through same or more difficult situation than you. Assume yourself to be a soldier even though this is not war! Be brave, hard working and kind. Never loose hope, keep faith in yourself and God and live life with great self confidence! And one more thing I want to say is never ever dependent on anyone without any urgent necessity. I don’t like to disturb anyone without any emergency and want everyone in my touch to do the same. I believe in ‘Live and Let Live’ I mean don’t disturb anyone unnecessarily.

Love, its not that most people think; its ‘n’ times more than that!

Love, a picture of a boy(friend) and girl(friend) would be the first image that strikes in your head! Let me tell you something, it is nowhere near to the Love one get from a ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’ who are known to be God, Parents! Thanks to my friend-like bros Harsh & Rishit to guide me and to teach me by sharing their own experience with me. I have never been in any relation,at least not uptil now! Because I experienced that its not a thing which you can change frequently; Just think like you are going to build a home, wouldn’t you think like ‘I may have to spend my whole life in this house, so I have to take care of every single tiny things before building it up’. Its same in this case! Love has no limit, no shape, no color; Instead it is an awesome infinite, multicolor pattern of feelings. Its related to souls not physical appearance. That’s all about Love as of now, will share more things later on.

And a last tip from my own experience!

Its up to you how you utilize the resources you have! Try to find something positive, good, beneficial even in worst situation in your life and you will never ever have a single thought about giving up!

16 thoughts on “Hey, this is my spot! Just like ‘Sheldon’ says. Welcome Post

  1. Nirav Trivedi

    BRAVO……..! after reading I felt that I grew up ! I am the luckiest father who has a son ( sun !) like you.I found a very appeling matuarity in your writing. LAGE RAHO ……. HASTE RAHO!

  2. Maharshi Shelat

    Whoa Man..
    I have been following you on facebook and was quite impressed with your work.. You’ve been the most active person on my fb account n sometime i felt the same as you did about fb.. I used to think, what am i doing here? commenting, liking, sharing.. It will lead me to nothing.. whereas, you were productive with your work through fb itself.. I don’t know you personally but after reading your blog, i felt it worth reading.. I found my self having somewhat similar hobbies as yours.. and i am having a strong vibe to take it in use and make something productive out of it, for the betterment of myself : )

    Thanks, Prerak (Inspiration.. you actually are)

    PS: And I loved to read your dad’s comment.. He must be proud of you.. God bless you man!

    Do what you’re good at,

  3. kunal parekh

    hey just read ur blog …….really wellwritten …..ur thoughts are more mature then others…..especially about fb and life ….so true ….keep going buddy ……

  4. Prerak Trivedi Post author

    Maharshi you just fueled my boosters of enthusiasm with your appreciable comment. Yes, I would suggest you to do what I did with facebook OR set strict schedule for spending leisure time. And one more option Get in touch with me (via Email or Twitter or Skype or GTalk) and we’ll have a great investments(of time) together. We’ll learn something from each other.

    Keep Visiting… 🙂

  5. Prerak Trivedi Post author

    I am really glad that you like my writings, actually I am really working hard and passionately to improve it. Thanks for comment on my thoughts, yes I really feel my mates too childish sometime 😀 ;). I hope you will continue visiting my blog (my home infact!) and reviews my views. 😀

  6. Hey There

    I have read so many articles or reviews on the topic of the blogger lovers however this piece of writing is genuinely a pleasant paragraph, keep it

  7. Dilip

    Nice words Bapu. Let me tell you that you are an awesome writer and a motivator for the people who have less confidence…
    Keep Growing..
    Thanks for Inspiring Me.

  8. Edelweiss

    WOW! Very super written and thought of! I am very lucky to be your friend and am very proud you are my friend too 🙂

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