Love, compassion and empathy are the only things you should soak yourself into, each day. Everything else than those three things will rot you up, live.

I am peace, love, compassion and empathy

Ofcourse these things burn our soul when we see someone suffering, when see someone being punished for no or invalid reason, when we see a child crying out of hunger and tears popping out of her helpless mother, when we see a father working hard to sustain lives of his family members, when we see a brother worrying about his sister’s safety, when we hear our people saying ‘only’ bad things about the nation, when we see people abusing their power/authority to step up on hard working, honest and modest people working with an aim to create the India of their dream, when we see people doing obvious wrong things and don’t have power to stand up against them, when we want to be like God (or perhaps just want to meet him/her, I don’t know but I have to use tongue in way most people can understand the message) but don’t want to have the hardship that comes with this mighty role, when we want to trust people but negativity entered into our head through money-oriented-media will restrict us to try to create amazing bonding with lovely people, when we know already know we have so less time yet want to waste it on things that merely matter even for your own self.

But these suffering that burns us inside is the fuel only few people can handle, most of us just burnout and start waving flag of defeat but people like Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai use that fire for something great, that touch many lives, many souls with great and positive impact. And I bet  for people like these, getting Nobel Prize will not satisfy their souls, they won’t stop what they were doing, nurturing and helping people have better lives.

Have confidence to change the world and courage to start from yourself.