Few ugly things about life

These are the things which I’ve been observing and I have adapted myself accordingly (well, still trying but yes I am quite successful in it). Don’t interpret anything as ‘negative’ as I want you to go through from my perspective just for a moment. Everything is how it is supposed to be.

No one fucking care about anyone, including you

People cross a street in Mong Kok district in Hong Kong

Relationship from my perspective.

February already started and so blooming of feelings. I was about to write on productivity but this topic seems to be more sensitive during this season of love. Therefore, I decided to share my thoughts on the same. As usual, you might oppose my words and I am fine with it, I respect everyone’s perspective and hope you will do the same.

I have written few lines on the same subject in my very first article on this blog. You can read it on following link

“‘This is my spot’, just like Sheldon says. The place where I can be ‘Me’!

This time I am going to write briefly on ‘my feelings about feelings’. I highly appreciate if you leave your presence (by commenting your views) so that I can know, you were here to read this article. And That makes me feel good about you!

Hey, this is my spot! Just like ‘Sheldon’ says. Welcome Post

Hi this is Prerak Trivedi, a *simple guy who love to be himself only! (*simple : if you think that I am a shy and a simple person then you are just 0.1% familiar with me, FYI(Used: thanks to Alay Vora!) Simplicity is just a mask to wear at the proper time.) Okay let me ‘Open’ 😀 myself. I am 20, today itself and my personal blog started blooming. Hope I can spend sometime watering it, everyday! About my interests and hobbies? I like to have information regarding any field or any subject. So usually I gathered and save details on interesting subject on my evernote account.