2016 of Prerak Trivedi

Thank you 2016

This will be a quick post to start a new routine I want to set for 2017, writing at least one article a week.

2016 was a great year for me. Highlights of the year.

  • Gained a lot of experience in the field of entrepreneurship (kind of getting hang of it now)💼
  • Learned a bit about how to manage life (especially time and money) ⏳💸
  • Got slightly stable but you know I hate to get stable. Aiming towards new heights in 2017. 😎
  • Met a person who owns parts of me now. 💕
  • Concentrated my focus on just few people and priorities. 🎯
  • Built few strong professional relationships 👔
  • Built a concrete base to carve the empire in upcoming years. 💯

Plans for 2017

  • Launch design agency
  • Help people
  • Love family & friends
  • Set healthy diet & routine
  • Enjoy the life and challenges that come along the way.

Will be returning to blogging personally as well as professionally in this year.


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