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Let me clear at the beginning that I believe in spiritual energy not God. God is just a name we used to refer to this energy.

I would like to start (as always) by the fact that there are lots of things beyond the reach of science. So to interpret every other thing scientifically won’t be suitable to understand things if not perfectly then better.

You have to think out of many boxes to see the actual world.

Everything is made up of energy, waves and vibrations.

einstein on energy

Quantum Physics agrees with the above statement. Yourself (actually your physical body) is nothing but a collection of little “lives”, Bactria, Viruses etc. And at the very bottom of these lives are atoms, which are always in vibrating mode and radiates energy during collision with other atoms. These atoms contain sub-atomic particles like electron, proton, neutron. Where electrons revolve around the core called, Nucleus. Which is made up of combination of protons and neutrons. There are other particles which are fundamentally invisible like, Higgs boson, Photon etc. These protons and neutrons are called to be made up of quarks. And these quarks contains the energy, we have reached to this level as of now. (Kindly comment if there is anything smaller than a quark, would love to read and to know more about that tiny guy.) This all little things are working together very intricately to create things you see; look around, those are not actual physical things they are just cluster of energy forming a shape. Now think where do you exist here? You means, the thing which is reading this text right now. What is it? Where is it? How does it look like? Keep searching for the answers.

Now as everything is turned to be energy. We can say we eat it, drink it, smell it, pick it, throw it, speak it or touch it (FYI: You never touch anything, so better to say we think ‘we touch it’). The only things we can’t do is make it or kill it. You can give it or take it to/from some source. You can interact with energies. It could be bad or good. If it harms other energies, it’s bad. If it creates entropy, it’s bad. And if it makes other energies feel better, it’s good. If it calms others down and spread harmony, it’s good.

Where do YOU exist then?

If everything is energy, you and me. We are all same at the very bottom. We forgot our real existence and started living in a cluster called body. Body works because YOU are there within it. All the energies which form your body attract towards YOU and that’s how this puppet hang together its parts. Once YOU are out of it, it’ll fall down. Just like a toy when you pull out the batteries. Just like a vehicle run out of fuel. So don’t misunderstand yourself as body. You are far powerful, gigantic and glorious than these stuffed human bodies.

You are consciousness, smaller than a quark though as multiplex as universe. You contain galaxies of knowledge. More knowledge you gain, more huge you become. And great knowledge can’t be achieved without interacting with other universes, learning from their galaxies. Colliding your galaxies with theirs. Merging your stars with theirs to form bigger and more radiant ones.

You are not what you think you are, you are limitless. Stop thinking.

einstein on consciousness

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