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Prerak Trivedi

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    I am an entrepreneur,
    a SOFTWARE engineer &
    an artist promoting

    global sustainable culture

    It is never a one man’s job. Whether it is a business, a personal relationship, family, society, nation or the world.


    “We need to be on the same page”, this is what you hear a lot of time in your career; because it is necessary to get to know a common goal.


    Same way, have you ever thought are we on the same page as a society? Although we all have common goal of securing healthy food, clean water, fresh air, space to live, and warmth from society.

    Time is ticking, whether you do anything or not. 


    Better take the responsibility to undo your mistakes by doing the right things. 


    Many of you want to create self-sustaining business so that they can enjoy life and follow their hobbies.

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