Sustainable Growth Bootcamp
(🧠 + ❤️ + 💰 + 🌏)

by Prerak Trivedi
Forget about everything that schools have taught you about
what it is like to be successful in life

Concept of education (especially modern education) was designed to give you skill to use your body and mind in a ‘controlled’ manner.

Well, you can see herds of engineers and intellectuals who are either passionate about being the victim or being just an entertainer of mundane ideas.

Only handful of brains are working constructively to achieve sustained growth. Good amount of them didn’t take education seriously, have never joined or if joined then dropped out of the school soon after.

Because the system is designed to keep you ignorant of your own strength and true potential. So that you can be an obedient slave.

That’s why majority of people revolve around just money (without knowing the true concept of money). And go through unpleasant situations to get enough of it all the time, purposefully trapped in a vicious cycle like a guinea pig running on a wheel. 

You may be an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, a musician, a singer, a photographer, a teacher or a person of any field but there are greater chances that you may be feeling isolated or bored in your routine life because it doesn’t offer you joy or freedom that you are seeking.

And you have that fire inside you to find larger meaning of life which is not available in confined luxurious places of prestigious universities, uber cool corporate buildings or materialistic ideologies.

If you are wondering about how to be successful, how to be financially stable, how to be able to fulfil responsibilities of your family with EASE then this bootcamp is for you. 

I have learned this hard way that the BEST and the fail-proof way to succeed is to keep failing ‘in the right direction’.

You need to develop an executive mindset to become
CEO of your life regardless of circumstances

You are not any special in material way.

Everyone on this earth have 2 hands, 2 legs, one brain and 24 hours in a day.

Where you were born was not in your control so family’s and financial background is immovable part of your life.

What is special about you is how you act within your surrounding and treat people around you.

If you are not growing from wherever you are right now the only reason is you are not using resources you have in a correct way.

Over thinking on hypothetical situations is not going to help at all.

What will move you forward is your first step, then second, third one and so on.

And sometimes you will have to step back but that is ok.

What is not ok is staying still.

No one is asking you to run. And it is also stupid to run without any clear direction or building stamina. 

You will burnout quickly if you expect highly of you even before getting started.

I have prepared this bootcamp for you to get going with whatever you are trying to do. And help you along the way as your business grows.

This bootcamp is not scripted or structured in a traditional way by copy-pasting success stories of well-known people or businesses.

It has grown out of my personal experiences from past 7 years.

To make you sensibly fearless, this bootcamp is designed to present complex systems in simpler and relatable way.

Understanding patterns will give you leverage
compare to those who see just chaos in this world

Chaos for our mind is nothing but ignorance about the subtle patterns which make bigger cycles.

Train your eyes to see those patterns and act accordingly. You will have first-mover advantage.

Those who have patience and curiosity to find answers to ‘why’ of everything will find it eventually.

And to save you time, efforts and money it is always better to have a guide to walk you through the patterns of unknown territories, safely and quickly.

I have started my journey as an entrepreneur just without any support, no resources and without any direction after wandering and wondering for 7 years I have finally got the secret map.

A lot of people helped me to understand these patterns separately.

Each of them had map of some territory. I’ve tried to collect all these separate maps and overlapped them in this bootcamp to create a holistic approach to understand the concept behind all these patterns.

Before I reveal the secret map I’d like to tell you that if you take this bootcamp with sincerity then…

You can get to wherever you want, be whatever you want and do whatever you want, within psychological and physical limits obviously.

This FREEDOM is what success looks like to me. And I’d like to clear one of the most corrupted word of our lives.

Most common definitions of ‘Success’ which society has planted in your mind while educating you, are only feeding to your ego.

I am defining my version of success here so that you can decide whether you want to move ahead with this or not

This is NOT for you, if you are here for just money

The issue is we are so hard wired with the concept of money that when even the ‘rich’ people tell that money is helpful but not the answer you are looking for, we can’t digest it.

And I am not saying money is not important, I am saying it is not that important.

Digits are as much dangerous as much they are helpful in getting clarity. It confines your imagination and creativity.

Because of this I’ll not define myself by how much money I personally make. It is the most easiest way to manipulate people.

You will learn real meaning of ‘money’ which we misunderstand with ‘currency’ in this bootcamp.

This is NOT for you, if you want fame without
playing the game correct way

Again we generally don’t believe famous people when they say ‘fame’ is not the answer. 

Getting famous is not a bad thing. But in this attention-seeking digital era it is for anyone to mistake ‘success’ with ‘the fame’.

Here also you have to measure fame in digits like follower count, views count etc. 

Keep an eye on stats but your vision away from it. Your vision should be something non-digit.

We’ll discuss psychology behind how people become famous using PR & marketing and what side-effect it creates later down the road which is not sustainable for the person psyche and then the society.

This is NOT for you, if you want control over the world without controlling yourself with discipline

This is natural tendency of any creature on the planet. All animals want to create authority around them. Be it monkey or a donkey.

If your sole purpose is to be an authority then you are no different than them but just at a different scale.

We will discuss why this kind of hunger of authority is also a perfect recipe for failure if you want to grow.

So what is the real ‘Success’ which everyone is chasing but very handful of achieve it.

Success = Sustainable growth

This definition covers almost every definition of success.

Sustainable growth gives you strong mental foundation and ability to see ever expanding horizon with new opportunities without worrying about market crisis, depression/recession.

This is for you, if you are here
to help people and the society

If you love to solve problems of people then it is a good sign that with some structure and organization you can help solve more problems of the society.

This bootcamp will help you with resources so that you can help more people with your skills.

This is for you, if you are here
to care for the environment

We are product of our environment that means if we destroy it we are destroying ourselves and our businesses.

Bootcamp will help you realize the supply-chain of nature from which you can get inspiration to evolve with nature not against it.

This is for you, if you are here
to respect and to preserve cultural values

You will find tough to grow your company if you ignore unique potential of your team mates. The potential in each person comes from their cultural and genetic background.

Similarly we have to preserve the diversity of not only flora and fauna but core civilisational values developed because of centuries of efforts by our ancestors.

Protecting different indigenous cultures means preventing world from being a monolithic economic machine running just on addictive habits of people.

World can be sustainable only when you help people learn about their roots and respect them for maintaining the traditions.

Start, be stable and then scale

You already know that without actions there is no outcome. 

But I understand why people are still afraid to take actions for various psychological, social and financial reasons.

The bootcamp is here for the exact reason to help you unwire your brain from confusion with simple daily practices and constructive support from the community.

This will build up self-awareness and self-confidence which will build strong foundation for your dreams to take off and to land on plane of reality.

About Me

I started as a freelance graphic designer back in 2011. 

During the college I developed my network of clients from around the world. 

Started first startup while in college for peers to help each other at time of exams. Failed.

After graduation tried to launch a digital product (app) as a startup and fell on my face.

Got back to offering services and founded TheIToons, a digital agency offering remote solutions to make the world more fluid.

Once sustainability was achieved I launched other online businesses to diversify with my wife, Kajal. 

We are doing well and now want to help other people with our experience and resources.

During my 7 year and continued journey as an engineer, an entrepreneur and a person who strongly believes in ‘art is life’ I have collected many life lessons. With this bootcamp and community I will hand over them to you to help you keep achieving greater milestones fiercely and fearlessly.

I am reachable at [email protected] for more.