About me

Hey there!

I’m Prerak, the IT engineer who decided to jump into the wild world of business. And let me tell you, I’ve had my fair share of sinking moments before finally learning to swim and stay afloat. It’s been quite the journey!

Thanks for showing interest in getting to know me better. Let me spin you a tale about my adventures.

So, my first foray into the startup scene was with HelpyClub, an online platform for colleges. Picture this: students and faculties coming together to share materials, doubts, and announcements. It was like creating an academic Avengers team! I built it during my college days to solve the eternal struggle of not having access to important materials when exams came knocking. Little did I know that I was unintentionally brewing a startup stew!

Right after college (or maybe even during the last semester, because who follows traditional timelines?), I teamed up with a couple of friends to create a web portal for my hometown, Bhavnagar. We were determined to put our city on the digital map. In fact, we were so enthusiastic that we even developed a mobile app for it. And guess what? We won the first prize from the mGovernance department of the Gujarat government! The accolades were pouring in faster than a monsoon rain.

But as they say, not all startup stories have a Hollywood ending. Due to a lack of funds and experience, our brilliant idea had to take a long nap. It was like putting a restless toddler to bed – you know it’s for the best, but it breaks your heart a little.

After the shutdown, I went through what I like to call my “startup blues” phase. I’m talking about six months of feeling like I was stuck in a musical where all my interests had forgotten the lyrics. It was a challenging (and strangely enlightening) time where I had to figure myself out and make sense of this crazy thing called life. And just to add to the excitement, societal pressure of finding a job and settling down was knocking on my door like an overenthusiastic neighbor.

Luckily, my parents were like guardian angels, never forcing me to succumb to the pressures of society’s expectations. Bless their souls!

Going through this rollercoaster phase made me realize how many essential life lessons we’re never taught in school or college. Our society isn’t exactly structured to support innovation, which is a shame because that’s where economies thrive, right?

So, I made a pivot. Think Bruce Wayne transforming into Batman, except with fewer gadgets and more creativity. I turned my business into a full-blown creative agency. We’re a team of 5 full-time superheroes and 2 part-time sidekicks, using digital platforms and emotional intelligence to help businesses grow. It’s like we’re on a mission to save the world, one creative project at a time!

But here’s the really exciting part. Armed with all the insights I’ve gained from my misadventures, I’ve now taken up the noble task of helping young entrepreneurs, their parents, educational institutes, and small businesses embrace the Spiritual Entrepreneur mindset. It’s all about growing economically, socially, and psychologically with heaps of fun and joy, without the stress, anxiety, and depression. Because life’s too short for unnecessary seriousness!

So, feel free to hit me up for a chat. I’m genuinely excited to hear about your own experiences, because together, we can learn, grow, and maybe even have a laugh or two along the way. Let’s make this journey one hell of a memorable ride!

Keep shining and keep smiling!