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I am Prerak, an entrepreneur. Thanks for taking the time and interest in checking about me. Here is my story.

My first start-up (kinda!) was an online platform, HelpyClub, for colleges where faculties and students can share materials, doubts, and announcements. I built it while in college to solve the problem of lack of access to important materials, especially at the time of exams. It was a fun project and haven’t thought of it as a product/startup honestly.

Straight after college, (actually while in the last semester) I along with a couple of friends started another startup, a web portal for my home town, Bhavnagar. Later a friend of mine, Bhumit Shah helped me developed a mobile app for the same and we were awarded first prize from the mGovernance department of the Gujarat government. Learned a lot about startup eco-system, team management, the formation of a business and especially how important is monetization. Due to a lack of finance and experience, I had to put the idea to sleep.

After shutting down that idea, I got depressed for about 6 months. It was a hard time figuring out myself and life around me. It felt like all of my interests were gone and couldn’t grasp what to do and where to start again. On top of that, the social pressure of getting a job and get settled was killing me. Fortunately, my parents never forced me to take any decision just because of what society was thinking.

By going through this phase I understood how many important lessons we haven’t been taught under our current education system. Also, our society is not structured to support innovation only because of which any countries economy can grow stronger.

I converted the business model to be more of a service business to offer creative digital service.

As of now, we are a team of 5 full-time and 8 part-time members helping businesses leverage digital platforms as well as emotional intelligence to grow.

With some of the most important insights I have gained from these experiences I am currently helping young entrepreneurs, their parents, educational institutes, small businesses to leverage the Spiritual Entrepreneur mindset to grow economically, socially and psychologically with so much fun and joy and not with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Feel free to reach out to me for any kind of conversation. I am genuinely excited to know about you and your experiences.

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