Work ethics = ethics

Honeycomb effect or pattern in pink

I love the philosophy of Jason when it comes to work.

Normally by work ethics people assume a person who is workoholic working hard to achieve something without worrying about sleep, family, friends, health etc.

That philosophy is turning people into robots and then we try to find humanity in society, how ironical!

I like to consider work as service to others. That’s it!

Now, I serve people with my skills the way I want to be served from others. Simple, fair and straight-forward.

Dividing life into more pieces like: work-life, personal-professional, career-family will lead to unmanageable.

Context switch happening to manage multiple aspects of your life will leave you burned out.

See life as whole and be optimistically ethical human being.

What are the ethics?

  • Working as integral part of the system you work with
  • Setting right expectations from yourself and others
  • Being politely straight-forward
  • Operate within your boundaries (and protect the boundaries)
  • Treat others as you want to be treated and be accountable for your expectations.
  • Trust others and give them opportunity to preserve it.
  • Own your mistake, learn from it and never repeat the same.

Am I missing anything in the list? Let me know, via comment.

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