What is Spiritual Entrepreneurship?

There are dozens of problems in the world currently and they are going to rise faster as the population grows to record highs it will demand a new structure of the world.

We are going to see totally new global monetary system affecting every economy in the world.

We are going to see drastic changes in national and international laws to make things work seamlessly for a more digitized & decentralized world.

We are going to see a new fleet of technologies being used on a daily basis.

What all this means is, our world is under restructuring, just like you restructure your business model or a loan that you have. You can observe the chaos around the world.

major global issues diagram lg
The major global issues and their interconnectedness | Source: geni.org

Why is this happening?

From what I have observed as well as experienced it is happening because of many reasons. Some of them are globalization, the internet, social media, increasing population, migration, etc.

But one thing is common in all of this, humans. We all are affected by these global-level issues and up to some extent we all are responsible for the imbalance.

One major culprit is the internet. We are made up of what we consume. And after the internet, we can consume whatever we want. Especially children will consume what makes them entertained. I see even adults are developing the same habits.

On top of the internet, globalization allowed free trade and it encouraged cross-culture developments all around the globe.

No one culture, in particular, is wrong but if you look closely at how culture creates itself then you will come to know that it has a lot to do with informal social norms that automatically get built according to situation and time we are in. I am just promoting a conscious way to build those norms by understanding the current situation, economy, and ecological needs.

What can we do about it?

To balance this imbalanced system we must fix our understanding of how things work without being attached to a particular belief or bias. You cannot balance it unless and until your way of thinking is balanced.

When it comes to having an understanding of yourself the word the comes up in mind is Spirituality. And to understand the mechanics of the outer world, you have to get involved in the system and it can be beautifully defined by the word Entrepreneurship.

Hence Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

From dozens of different definitions of these two words, I have picked a version that can be applied universally, regardless of your ethnic, economic or educational status.

Being spiritual means identifying yourself with a non-manifested form of energy.

Being an entrepreneur means having a problem-solving mindset.

So combining these two fields you can develop a flexible yet fierce mindset to contribute to social peace and prosperity.