Clarity leads to courage

You know what exactly you want, isn’t it?

Then why you still often find yourself confused and indecisive with all the available options.

We normally consider it as lack of courage to take a decision.

But it is less about the courage to follow your ambitions.

And more about the clarity you have about what is YOUR ambition and how to achieve it.

Not by copying from your friends, parents, relatives, celebs but finding and being confident about something that energizes you.

Still not getting it?

Okay, let’s get more clarity about why people find it difficult to be clear-minded.

It is because we have adopted wrong definition of clarity.

Most people think clarity is understanding how something works in theory without actually going through the practical process to experience if theory is true or not.

As an example, many of us know Pythagoras theorem.

But only a few people would realize value of it and those people have to use the principle actively in their life.

So information which we stuff in our head to feel better about knowing something is not the real clarity. You have to experiment with that information to gain clear insight.

Otherwise it just builds clutter in your head that breaks momentum of taking actions and gain better insights through our experiences each day.

Clarity means having sense of what actually you have. And how you can use it to achieve your goals and vision.

Clarity also have close relationship with reality. You have to accept the situation wherever you are before you can get to wherever you want to.

Once you are aware of this, your brain will start wondering on what you can do instead of dwelling on uncontrollable aspect of your life.

Because you cannot stop your brain from acting on something which is important to you.

Taking consistent actions with clarity to achieve better insights and grow makes you courageous.

Courage makes you attractive. Because you stand out from herds of social animals who couldn’t break out of their peer pressure.

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    Things to remember

    Clarity will make you stable.

    Confidence will make you firm.

    Curiosity will make you smarter. (thanks to Vardhan)

    Courage will make you better.

    Without strong foundation of clarity it is hard to be confident, curious and courageous.

    And the best way to be clear about what you actually want in life is to keep in mind that

    Today can be the last day of your life.

    It sounds horrible but that’s your ego reacting to not dying, which is inevitable.

    Your ego is the impression of yourself created by external inconsistent inputs.

    This will keep your ego in check and will let your senses to its job without being affected by imaginary concern that how other will perceive you.

    If you are struggling to understand this or have further questions then feel free to ask them in comments or via tweeting

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