New world starting from 2021

Everything has its time.

And it is not a philosophical statement.

Collectively human psychology keeps evolving and as time passes we develop a new different set of demands and expectations from our surroundings.

Whoever can satisfy these demands, time will be theirs.

You can predict this change in demands to a great extent and for that you must know the cyclic nature of human psychology in accordance with cyclic nature of physical world.

When we will look back to 2020, we’ll see it as a pivoting year in human history.

We have lost many lives because of this pandemic as the first consequence.

But there are consecutive ripple effects with long lasting impact on our mindsets and through our mindsets on our lifestyles.

The coming year is going to be a game changer.

The world is restructuring itself.

We are going to see many grassroots changes continuing in 2021 around the world.

You may experience blows in your financial stability as trade wars and geopolitical tensions get stronger.

But good news is that world will lose its rigidity. For the time being it may look fragile but it won’t collapse instead it will convert into more fluid and robust world altogether.

The world’s ego will get softer.

The world was having materialistic hangover due to rise in technology, internet and globalisation.

This laid out foundation for ultimate logistic system for information transmission and shipping of goods.

The result was everything is possible for you to achieve in couple of clicks creating a sense of high expectations from the real world too.

Just like physical world has its limits and governed by natural constitution, psychological world which we normally misunderstand as independent of physical world is actually an extension of the world you see.

So the natural constitution has described the laws for psychological world too but to experience them being enforced just like physical world you need to shut down your compulsiveness.

Once we get into high speed 5G world our psychological world will replace the physical world as majority of people are going to spend their life isolated and with virtual machines.

It will have its negative effect too but we will not talk about it as it will affect your mindset to believing into it if you cannot handle yourself consciously.

So better we talk about positive side of the future world which is going to be amazing as you will have all the time to spend with yourself, work wherever you want, earn how much you want, travel to any corner of the world.

This freedom will lead you to question why you are not able to do everything that you want to do and which will eventually point you to figure out the psychological laws.

Once figured you can leverage them to keep yourself detached from all the cravings and urge to experience new things all the time.

And that will be the moment in very near future people will face ‘ego death’ and their life won’t be the same again.

Life will become clearer and calmer then after.

Collectively people will be more open for collaboration and interested in selfless service to create a sustainable societies, cities and hence the world.

Being a spiritual entrepreneur will help you avoid the negative pitfall I (didn’t) mentioned

If you don’t earn you go broke. That’s easy to understand.

Solution is to focus on how to earn genuinely and not on how to not go broke.

Both are not the same thoughts though they look similar.

Later is trying to save yourself, focusing and putting efforts for yourself.

While former is focusing on growth which is not possible without helping someone grow (as well as getting help from someone too) and help the system be stable using your potential.

Similarly if I disclose the negative impact of this in psyche then your amygdala will get triggered and you will want to save yourself which will hurt you and others till you figure out it is not going to work and surrender.

So it is better to focus on how we can leverage the technology and connected world to create better societies and routines which gives us clarity, strength and stability collectively.

Routine for 2021

Be physically active in doing something you love and when you get bored of doing that look around and help people to do what they love.

This cycle must go on by forming a community around one cause you believe in where people can join and interact with each other bringing more and diversify talent to the table for building a momentum.

Everyone has potential with specific flavour in them.

Train your eyes to see the best in people and help them realise that.

Invest in local businesses to help your surrounding get stronger and better.

My 2021 onward plan

9 years of total wandering.

4 years of freelance, 5 years of agency life during which I dipped myself to lowest point in my life.

Hitting the hard floor of reality helped me to break my socially constructed image.

After that point in my life everything changed and became more robust and integrated with life all around me.

Just like a baby being born and getting out of its comfort zone, a womb, I cried for quite sometime.

Dazzled with all new experiences where I could see through people like their bodies and mind are made of transparent fluid in which their emotions are twirling around like neon colors, I couldn’t communicate it clearly to people what I see in them.

But after couple of trial and error I realised that I could influence them with transparent fluid and colors I have control over to help them stop spilling themselves and be calm.

After all these I have developed a system which I am going to gradually launch in 2021 with the name ‘Ultimate Sustainability System’ through offline/online events to build a strong community to collaborate on sustainable goals.

The system will cover all four pillars of a sustainable life: mindset, physical health, social relations and financial stability of a person.

And it is being developed by studying cultural and economical impact through scientifically designed ritualistic life with natural demand/supply cycle.

It is designed for specific tailored audiences (i.e. entrepreneurs, working moms, single dads, self-employed, employees and so on) so that they can operate their lives with full efficiency with ease by leveraging the community.

Also what are your plans for 2021 and onwards?


  1. My 2021 onward plan:
    To Negotiation with self and understanding of from where & when “the market” starts taking place in our individual life, We all are somehow evolved from humans to the species which has cognitive ability to derive and predict the future by technology and money.
    So will put those understandings on the physically growing world and make a productive, nontoxic ecosystem out of it.

    And thank you for writing this down here.
    Well written and much appreciated the narration you have put for us to read about your experience with the just start of the new year.

    1. Thanks for leaving your comment Sanket. That’s a great plan and we absolutely need nontoxic ecosystem around us to grow naturally. But I am sure that’s where we are heading.

      Most of us have faced enough of negativity to feel that if we somehow create a world through technology or stuff bank with money we can save our life for eternity.

      Death is anyway going to happen as a natural decaying phenomena it is how we operate our lives efficiently to make our living experience as smooth as astronaut swimming in vacuum of space. Which is possible when we come out of tight grip of this materialistic matrix by being conscious.

      And I can feel your bright future because you are heading in the right direction from my experience.


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