Reforming money at the conscious level.

Most of our lives rotate around earning and spending money.

Starting from the education we are told to study so that we can have well paying job to survive/settle.

Right from the ranking system in education and then hierarchy in corporate world we are pushed to develop competitive mindset ‘wrt’ others.

Money plays a major role to keep people running on their toes on a treadmill until they exhaust or burnout.

Because of this I think finance should be seen at conscious level to save our self from mismanagement through insecure mindset.

In ancient Bharatiy spiritual civilisation (Well-known name is India named by colonials), Money (अर्थ) is anything that help us be stable and liberate us from our compulsiveness.

Tl;dr: Things generated when helping people be conscious about the fact that world works like a simulation with governing laws of energy, is the real money, reinvesting those things again in the same activity will make more people conscious about how to sensibly operate their life.

Quick mental formula

Activity that tricks your brain to get into negative, survival and compulsive mindset creates liabilities.

Activity that gets you out of this downward dragging cycle is an investment to keep yourself free as long as you are conscious of this fact.

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    Money is omnipresent

    Until the earth turns into ashes when the sun explodes.

    Anything that is helpful for sustainability of life is money.

    People earn and spend money currency to feel safe in the first place and then to feel alive.

    When you realise everything around you as valuable resources if not for you then for others.

    And when you know the value of a thing you can easily communicate that to the person who needs it without doing any trickery.

    You can literally sell (the word I hate the most) anything but obviously not to everyone.

    Money has many forms

    Currency is just one and artificial form of money.

    Your life is the costliest form of money.

    Your experience is another.

    Your skills.

    Your voice.

    Your words.

    Your appearance.

    Your manners.

    Your attitude.

    Treat yourself authentically and behave in such a way that make people aware their potential.

    Treat others according to their potential of helping other people.

    If someone always get away with people helping them solve their problems without paying the necessary appreciation AND monetary compensation then you should stop actively helping those people.

    If someone is always ready to help others and put their all in to solve problems of others then help them with whatever they are lacking.

    The type of person you are going to help, similar type of society you are going to build.

    If you help a person running for money, you will contribute to money driven society.

    If you help a person actively seeking attention, you will play your part in developing attention seeking society.

    If you help a person hungry for power, you will eventually see dictator driven society.

    Help someone who is helping people in need to develop a society with basic needs covered.

    Better you help a person who is inclusive, to develop inclusive society.

    And most importantly help someone who is patiently and positively making people aware of their potential to develop a conscious and confident society.

    Money is a tool to create the world we want

    If we consider our life as a car then money is fuel to use it.

    But car doesn’t run just on fuel.

    In fact fuel is useless if car doesn’t have necessary parts to turn fuel into kinetic energy.

    This applies to your life too.

    Your body is car.

    Your skills and knowledge are internal parts.

    Your mindset is engine.

    And money is fuel.

    Efficient engine helps you get to the next gas station.


    • Consider money as tool to make your and others life healthy and happy. (Not necessarily easy or sophisticated).
    • Money is not equal to currency. In fact money runs the currency.
    • Money is being distributed everywhere all the time. Gather it, assemble and solve a problem.
    • You are money, honey!

    What is money to you?

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