Mini: Personal twitter, instagram and youtube shorts

Blue line art with gradient on deepmind and AI

Trying a new thing with Mini blogs!

A personal space to share short form content that I write, design, find and curate with you all.

The main purpose is to share content without worrying about getting censored or banned on those platforms.

Though mostly I will use this space for daily wrap ups from my personal and professional life.

With an aim to help someone looking for quick on-point solutions to their problems in various parts of life.

That’s it!

Think of a cozy, little tafe (cafe but only for tea; yes, that’s a word from now on. At least here.) of my own, and yours too (otherwise there won’t be any point in opening it up, duh!).

You are welcome here to share your thoughts over a cup of tea.

Will be waiting for you, while I decorate this space in meanwhile.

Over & out.