How to decide between Yes or No?

Confused women when taking decision

This mini is inspired by Linkedin post of Tom Kozacinski on feeling overwhelmed with commitments

This feels like an eternal dilemma of every human being. Always finding themselves stuck in duality of choosing an option from two if not more.

Human mind if not trained well can get into suspended mode when presented with multiple choices. Analysis Paralysis, is what they call it.

There is irony in this too (the nature of material duality is such that it traps you into multiple options).

Miser mind wants more options and if given what it asks for then it gets into anxious mode (mode of suspension).

Here is relevant post by Alex Harmozi.

Alex Harmozi Instagram Post on Analysis Paralysis by combination of Sadness/depression and Anxiety.

Personally, I have found spirituality as the only solution for this seemingly endless suffering of our minds.

And to tackle this gracefully ancient Vedic culture has paved many paths (streams of thoughts) that lead to same destination: a colossal ocean of great depth, that runs everything about our lives.

Everything comes from a single entity and everything will dissolve into the same entity.

Signle entity visualisation

Consciously, this translates to: whatever option (action) you choose, will lead to better understanding of your self from the reactions coming from the external world.

Taking action is the only solution to getting rid off fear about taking actions (more precisely, fear of facing unknown consequences which you are going to face anyway whether you take any action or not.)

If you train yourself to stay conscious and flexible you will be able to sync your inner world with external almost instantaneously without taking any cognitive load.

The universe wants you to grow and it is always by your side.

Whether you do something with good intention or bad. The only condition is you accept the consequences as your personal responsibility to evolve.

At the end a quote from Henry Ford comes to mind

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right

Henry Ford

And adding to that to sort your dilemma once and for all,

Do what you can and delegate with trust what you can’t, you’re unstoppable