What makes us overthink?

Overthinking Monkey

This morning I was thinking what makes us overthink! 🧐

And as I overthought quite a bit I found that it is a symptom not a disease. 🤓

It stems from lack of trust. (lack of trust is also not a disease)

Because every healthy relationship in this world is based on trust. 🤝

Whether it is between animals, plants, insects or humans.

Two beings trust each other based on consistent reliable experiences from past.

That consistency comes from knowing strengths and limits of our identity.

Ancient Vedic culture in India has very finely paved path to understand our identity and yet not get trapped into its bias.

Ultimate goal of Vedic culture is to enlighten you (I take it in two ways: it tries to lift the burden you feel on your head/heart for you & other way it cleanse darkness, which is ignorance about our true self, by lighting your wisdom up.) ☀️

Now, all institutes/cultures want to promote harmony and justice (whether any system can achieve these goals 100% is another topic).

But rise of communism in cloak of capitalism/globalism/industrialisation during 70-90 have deliberately ruined the boundaries (individual, social and spiritual) one should care about.

In the name of equality personal boundaries were destroyed. And in the name of freedom of expression it was encouraged to trespass social and spiritual boundaries to threaten their sense of security.

Real disease is: Disintegrated mindset from reality.

Without having proper philosophy to operate in life it is destined to get your mind suspended.

To start getting out of this you need to align your routine to natural rhythm and you will start getting clarity about how reality works.

And when you know the patterns you can confidently take on any endeavour and with greater chance of success.


  • Wake up at same time
  • Eat at same time
  • Sleep at same time