Now ‘pay what you want’ for coaching

I love the concept of building in public.

It offers accountability and practice to be transparent while working on your ideas.

So here I am sharing recent update about my coaching service.

Recently I dropped fixed pricing (monetary expectation) from my coaching services to make it ‘pay what you want’ (we call it दक्षिणा, in Sanatan culture of Bharat – colonial name India).

I chose to stop charging for my coaching services.

Because educating or mentoring someone with selfish vested interest will not help nurture and strengthen the human relationship.

I learned this from my father who has been a teacher all his life and never uttered an amount to charge as fees for his students.

When their parents asked, he told them to pay fees from the first salary that their son/daughter gets.

Also there is no way you can logically charge mentoring someone.


Mentor is someone with experience in particular field, through his/her failures.

Mentee is someone who needs guidance to maximize efficiency by investing time, money and energy in the right direction by not repeating mistakes of the mentor.

While mentoring he is delivering from experience to which the mentee can or cannot relate. So message will not be delivered with 100% clarity.

There is no way for even mentor to calculate how much his mentee has understood and was able to comprehend.

So the best way is to let mentee decide the value of mentorship he received and pay the mentor accordingly.

On the other hand mentor has right to accept or to reject mentee as he deem fit.

As a result there is no scope of wasting energy and time of both mentor and mentee.

While current modern education system throws garbage theories at students (mentee in this context) and they are made to run in race of stupidity to gather marks/ranks to feel superior to those who couldn’t make it.

It is viciously discriminatory to any human being.

Sanatan culture has very profound take on education that it helps nurture them minds of people who are going to operate the society.

So if society is not working properly than the root cause is education system.

In Bharat, education was totally free but there were rules and standards to obey before you can be given knowledge about particular topic. (i.e. current day entrance exams, but instead of just intellectual test there were screening of character and integrity of the person)


Would you recommend teaching anyone who wants to know how to use a gun?

Your liberal brain may give answer like this

‘Yes, but he has to follow safety rules.’

Is it better to train his brain to follow the safety rules before or after you give them a gun?

Similarly, knowledge should be given to those who can use it for collective wellbeing.

And so training is required to balance your left and right parts of the brain before they teach you powerful things.

Moreover, just like an army man has to follow some protocols even after retiring, the mentor/mentee must abide by some lifelong rules to follow.

Like you cannot teach things you learned for money, for this there is concept of गुरु-शिष्य (mentor-mentee) tradition. Where mentee is promoted by mentor when mentor retires to keep on the tradition.

Mentees can use mentor’s guidance to improve their personal life first. And when asked by someone mentee should offer credit to his mentor but do not share teachings to anyone however innocent it sounds.

I am going to share more such insights and improve my coaching programs as I learn by studying the Sanatan Vedic culture as well as latest happening in technological, economical and political worlds.

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