Are you corrupt? Clean yourself before it is too late.

World is going through a lot right now.

Apart from this pandemic it has been like this all along since ages, you are able to recognize it only now because you hit a certain age to understand this and easy access to information.

It is normal to blame people that doesn’t talk material happiness or material compassion after you get to know the real world dynamics at a surface level.

It is like getting to know that your marks don’t matter that much in real world, for the first time.

You can keep crying about how hard you worked in your high school or college and world doesn’t respect you anymore.

Later if you are luckily conscious, you will realize the same for money.

If you ever hit that point where you can see beyond money you will realize money is not the only reason of corruption.

Corruption starts when what you think, say and do are totally different things.

(Feeling GOOD about your own intentions)
What you think?
World should be equal

(Noticing how BADly irresponsible others are)
What you say?
People who have more than enough should give back to community

(Ignoring our own UGLY ignorance)
What you do?
Desperately trying to be rich ‘anyhow’ like those who have more than enough, thinking that once you achieve that point you will change the world.

This is a corrupt mindset if not handled well can lead to very miserable and lonely life.

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    How to identify corruption?

    First of all if your mindset is corrupt (which no one would like to admit) your vision will find corruption everywhere (except places/people that supports you).

    It is like you cannot save proper data in corrupt hard disk. Corrupt mindset will not take any data regarding responsibility of actions and will safely store ways to milk benefits for the self.

    After cleaning the crap dumped in your mind by corrupt outside forces, you can easily see corruption, however sugar (compassionate, socialist) or gold (capitalistic) coated.

    Observe if person keep blaming and shrugging off responsibility to find solutions (unless he/she get paid something in return).

    Corrupt mindsets will work under two condition

    • To protect itself (by doing more corrupt activities)
    • To gain more power to protect itself in future.

    Corrupt mindset will offer these excuses for not taking responsible actions

    • Enough people already supporting the cause (intention: let’s not contribute something to make someone get stronger)
    • Questions intentions of people doing work (questions arises from the base of their own mindset; what if they know and using tricks that I know and use)
    • Need full audit and clarification before contributing anything (as their mind is full of ‘what ifs’ in scarce way).
    • Don’t have patience to take small actions under their control and not willing to trust bigger systems. Stuck in state of inaction (analysis paralysis) leading to horrific endings.

    What is the solution?

    Answer is to develop flexible mindset maintaining discipline and integrity between what you think, say and do FOR OTHERS.

    Solve problems with what you have, what you know and what you can to improve yourself day by day.

    Don’t wait for someone to come and take the responsibility and commitment to solve the problem you think needs to be solved.

    Because one who takes the responsibility of their thoughts, speech and actions will eventually be rewarded unimaginably, being a reliable source of solutions.

    And those who wants all sorts of freedom without discipline will keep living miserable life regardless of their knowledge, clout or material wealth.


    • Get yourself clean by ‘doing’ what is your responsibility and being humble to ask for help when you are not enough.
    • Sustainable growth is impossible with corrupt mindset.
    • Ignore shortcuts and focus on being person of integrity.
    • Kill the urge of being fake to impress someone. Be yourself.

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