Journaling is meditation

Journaling is meditation

Goal of meditation is to create self-awareness.

When we are occupied in worldly affairs it is hard for our mind to develop awareness about itself.

While doing transactional activities (with other worldly objects: anything physical) our mind sometime loses its identity and it knowingly or unknowingly accepts influence of world on it.

This influence can be of two types: good and bad.

But part of our brain called amygdala naturally (with animal instinct) lean towards bad influence.

This is why it becomes necessary for us to meditate to reset our mindset.

Meditation is like taking shower for your mind.

But it is difficult to observe your mind if you are beginner in meditation.

I recommend you to start journaling every day for 45 days.

Writing will help you understand how your mind is experienced the daily activities.

I like to divide my journal in following section

  • Activites
  • Lessons
  • Next day tasks

Activities will include anything that influenced your mind. Don’t forcefully overthink, just write what you can easily remember with little efforts.

Lessons will include anything that you learned from someone or your own experience. Something that you want to remember in future. Take lessons in positive and constructive way.

Next day tasks section will have things that you need to get done the next day. The purpose for this section is to experience how accountable you are with your own way of planning.

Though not all tasks are important and needs to get done but how to prioritise tasks is topic of some other day.

Start journaling from today itself.

I personally use an open source tool called Obsidian for this.