4 things I learnt by failing to get my startup running effectively

I wanted to share these ” how-not-to tips ” for startups since long. Because I feel there are enormous amount of advises to make your startup ideal like Apple or Google or any other already successful giant company. But that’s not going to help at this level at all.

Startup Difficulties

As physics for nano sized particles and physics for giga scaled stars are different, ways of operation at light-weight startups and already established heavy-weight corporate players differ a lot. You cannot apply everything (or most of the things) that facebook (or any other ‘big guy’) does to their business. You simply cannot be like the thing people are crazy about by doing what the thing is doing right now. Because you are focusing on later stages at where that company is mature while you being in womb. There were many events that helped me understand what and why the things went wrong.

Why do we fail?

This is my answer to this question on Quora : ‘Why do we fail?

Michael Jordan On Failure

To me what matters is the answer to ‘Have I improved myself?’ (Don’t look up quora, I am talking about asking yourself 😛 :D, you quoraddicted ). I don’t care if it is success or failure. If one thing adds up something to my life which could be helpful to me or someone else then that one thing is a success for me and in this particular case I find success in the failures most of the time. Because every failure (small or big) taught me something (sometimes a lot) that no success could do in a shot.

Few ugly things about life

These are the things which I’ve been observing and I have adapted myself accordingly (well, still trying but yes I am quite successful in it). Don’t interpret anything as ‘negative’ as I want you to go through from my perspective just for a moment. Everything is how it is supposed to be.

No one fucking care about anyone, including you

People cross a street in Mong Kok district in Hong Kong

Can’t we work as a team?

I’ve been asking this question to myself lately. Why we act like individuals and think of our own benefits all the time? Everything you see is well (or may be not so well) structured organization. The universe itself is one. Life would be totally different if radius of earth’s orbit around the Sun differ by few inches, that’s ‘how well’ it is structured and your life depends on it.

Mother Teresa Quote on Togetherness

This article is somewhat related to a post of friend of mine.

You are not what you think you are!

You are the universe - Spirituality

Let me clear at the beginning that I believe in spiritual energy not God. God is just a name we used to refer to this energy.

I would like to start (as always) by the fact that there are lots of things beyond the reach of science. So to interpret every other thing scientifically won’t be suitable to understand things if not perfectly then better.

You have to think out of many boxes to see the actual world.

What a heart melting scene I saw yesterday!

I saw something yesterday and what a heart melting scene it was!

He was, maybe 65-70 year old, beggar eating something in front of a closed shop. He was having single pair of white cotton clothes and was barefoot during the hottest time of day, afternoon with ~40 C. He has just few bites of food wrapped in a newspaper.

Near that closed shop there was a sweets’ shop. Bunch of people entering and leaving every few minutes with bags full of sweets. They surely have paid a few bucks to comfort their taste buds.